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Great way to keep your dog entertained, well exercised and socially stimulated by attending one of our Adventure Days. Only suitable for dogs who mix well with others. Male dogs over 6 months must be desexed.

All dogs will be collected from your home on the morning pick up run, and transported to a suitable and safe outdoor location where they can run, chase balls, swim and practice some basic obedience skills.  

Depending on how dirty we get on that particular days adventure, your dog will be either hosed down and or towel dried before being returned home on the afternoon drop off run. 

Price $45 per dog 



Suitable for dogs who enjoy the company of others, and who will benefit from having added socialisation in their day (remembering dogs are pack animals and most love the chance to hang with some fur buddies)

All dogs participating in these walks must be friendly in nature and trained to walk without excessive pulling on leash.

Group walking dogs will be assessed to ensure that they mix well and will be matched with suitable walking buddies to avoid any problems.

60 mins  $20
* extra dog from same family add $5 per walk


Suitable for dogs who prefer their own company and don’t mix well. Or dogs who excessively pull on leash and require my one-to-one attention.

30 mins $20
60 mins $30