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Adventure days

Adventure days explained

Adventure days are a fun way to keep your dog:

  • physically and mentally exercised, and
  • socially skilled.

Dogs are very social animals. They crave social interactions and thrive in the company of others. Of course they are happy to be at home with us, but they also enjoy time with their canine buddies.

An adventure day starts with a pick up service at your door. The Disco Dog van transports all dogs to our property. They can then enjoy a day of outdoor play with their favourite friends. All dogs are off lead to run free, interact and communicate with each other.

Activities included

  •    chasing balls
  •    running
  •    paddle pools
  •    tug toys
  •    weaving poles
  •    jumps
  •    tunnels
  •    ramps and climbing structures
  •    maze
  •    digging pit
  •    occasional guided walks to sniff and explore.

Balanced day

In our fully fenced dog area, everyone gets plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation. This enriches their lives by giving them something meaningful and challenging to do. Mental activities help to reduce:

  • boredom, and
  • the likelihood of your dog developing behavioural issues.

Lastly to balance out our busy day, we encourage some calm time to relax and enjoy our beautiful surrounds.

At the end of the adventure day, we deliver your dog back to your home, tired and happy.

Dog trainer teaching dogs to play with tyre obstacles
  • Photos and videos will be uploaded to Disco Dogs Noosa’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages. We reserve the right to use them as necessary. Photos and videos taken during an adventure day are the intellectual property of Disco Dogs Noosa.

  • All bookings must be paid in advance.

Price: $50 per dog

How we assess your dog

Dogs are assessed on their social behaviour to maintain the safety of all dogs on an adventure day.

Once a position in your area becomes available, we will contact you to organise a meet and greet. We may take a short walk to:

  • learn a little more about you, and
  • encourage your dog to investigate the Disco Dog van.

If your dog seemingly fits the position, a trial period of 3 weeks will be undertaken to determine your dog’s suitability.

During the trial period, we observe your dogs to ensure no dominant or anti-social behaviours. It’s important all dogs get along.

Do you operate on weekends and public holidays?2021-05-02T10:46:18+10:00

No. Disco Dogs Noosa does not operate unless special arrangements have been made in advance and a surcharge has been applied.

Does my dog have to be a certain age?2021-05-02T21:03:04+10:00

Yes. For adventure days, dogs must be over 12 months old.

Does my dog have to be desexed?2021-05-02T10:44:31+10:00

Male dogs must be desexed.

Are there any breed restrictions?2021-05-02T10:47:39+10:00

No. We welcome all breeds and sizes.

Is my dog ever left alone?2021-05-02T10:48:51+10:00

No. Play is fully supervised. Small dogs are carefully selected to mix with the larger breeds.

Are any dogs unsuitable for an adventure day?2021-05-02T11:45:15+10:00

Adventure days are not for every dog, some dogs are just not a good fit. Such as:

  • anxious young dogs or fearful adult dogs – they are going to feel overwhelmed in a pack setting. They tend to benefit more from work on an individual basis with the right dogs
  • anti-social dogs – an off-leash play environment is not the best place to start socialisation.
How can my dog join an adventure day?2021-05-02T11:52:18+10:00

You can complete an application form. Once a position becomes available in your area, we will arrange a meet and greet.

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