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I’m Linda. Blessed to have grown up on the gorgeous Sunny Coast, surrounded by my loving, supportive family and friends. I am privileged to spend my days frolicking with packs of four-legged friends. Each morning I pick up my fur friends and feel like the most important person in the world. A wag of a tail, a lick on the face and deep stares straight into my eyes.

For the past 20 years, I have coached owners and their dogs. During this time I’ve seen how times have changed with regards to:

  • training methods
  • our understanding of dog behaviours, and
  • communication.

As a result, I decided to educate myself more in the above areas. Ethology and science based research are the foundation to my continuous learnings. In turn, my coaching methods are kind and positive.

Over the past 2 years, I have been entrusted with a part-time role as a foster mum for assistance dogs. This is a very rewarding volunteer position to say the least.

We are a small business so numbers are limited and means that your dog will thrive in our care. On adventure days:

  • dogs are off lead
  • free to be dogs, and
  • you can trust that I watch their emotional state and act accordingly.

I understand the importance of having confidence in someone to take care of your precious pup, especially when you can’t be there.

Dog trainer with group of dogs sitting down
  • Certificate in dog psychology, behaviour and training

  • Accredited diploma in canine coaching

  • Dog first aid certificate

  • Dog trainer

  • Public liability insurance

  • References available on request


This is our fun-loving girl, who always stops to meet and greet every dog. Talia has grown up listening to constant dog tails tales and has been following me along to many a dog outing. We have shared our home and our hearts to training, minding and walking of dogs, and now doggie day care. We have also fostered many beautiful assistance dogs. Talia loves and embraces everything related to dogs.

Talia is currently:

  • developing her practical coaching skills, and
  • undertaking a dog walking, boarding and care accredited diploma.

The energy she gives to her canine friends is returned two-fold, with displays of pure excitement at the sight of her.

She is our resident dog walker, who is an amazing and confident handler. Proactive in reading dog body language and attentive to every dog’s individual needs.

I can recommend “a Talia” for every dog. With great doggy appeal, she is a real attention keeper and a constant entertainer.

Dog walker with several dogs on lead
  • References available on request


Two happy dogs on green grass

Linda and Talia are so attentive and keep things fun. Highly recommend.

Hurley and Oska, Sundog Staffies
As dog owners for over 30 years, sending our dog to a day out without us was a different experience for us. Ginja the kelpie was a young pup, full of energy. She had a few issues like barking in the car and not so good with recall. After only a few short weeks of attending Discodogs, Ginja now is a new improved dog. The barking in the car has stopped. She is happy to ride in the Discodog van anywhere Linda puts her. She returns now when called. If anything she’s become a social diva! Ginja loves going with Linda to Discodogs and we are so happy for her and it’s great to see the tricks she’s learnt and the friends she’s made. We often walk along our local beach and Ginja runs into her Doscodog buddies and have the best play. Love Discodogs, Linda and her team, and knowing we have fully qualified dog trainers who are invested in making the dog’s time with them a fun, positive experience is a dream.
Ginja , Kim A

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